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Chad Denyes Golf

My objective is to help build a relationship with my students and help them along their journey to achieve their goals in golf and to enjoy the game a little more.

I've been lucky enough to play at some of the highest levels in golf. I went from high level junior golf to NCAA division 1 and now I am a touring professional.


I am not just a swing coach, I am a golf coach. I will help you with all aspects of the game ( course management, mental game, short game and also physical aspects). I will take my experiences and knowledge of the golf swing and speed up the process of your improvement.



Chad played for Team Ontario Golf for two years.

He went on to play at Nicholls State University on a Division 1 scholarship, and was on the starting line up for over 90% of the tournaments. 

 Chad is also a two times club championship at Kings Forest Golf Club. 

He turned pro in 2019 and has experiences playing on the Mackenzie Tour, Great Lakes Tour, East Coast Pro Tour and Toronto Players Tour.

Chad become a PGA of Canada member in January of 2022.

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